Hammermuehle in Donaustauf
Hotel Hammermuehle in Donaustauf near Regensburg
Hotel and Country-Restaurant Hammermuehle in Donaustauf close to Regensburg
Holydays in our house in 1901
Holydays in our house in 1901
The hamlet Hammermuehle at the banks of creek Otterbach
At 11 November 1956 the "Princely Tourist Café" (Fürstliche Ausflugsgaststätte" reopened
At 11 November 1956 the "Princely Tourist Café" (Fürstliche Ausflugsgaststätte" reopened
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In German: Gaststätte Hammermuehle - eine Perle am Otterbach - 10.11.1956
In German: Seit 30 Jahren Wirtin von der Hammermuehle - 09.04.1960
In German: Chefs der nordbayerischen Finanzämter in der Hammermuehle - 15.05.1968
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During the Middle Ages this charming mill, serenely located along the banks of creek Otterbach, was part of the jurisdiction of Sulzbach. The adjacent creek was the waterway which ultimately propelled the mill throughout its centuries of existence.

The mill is officially mentioned for the first time in 1388, where it was written about in an official document of that period. This means that its initial construction actually pre-dated this year; but by how many decades or even centuries, we don't know. By the end of the 14th century, however, reports circulated about a hammer mill and a wood mill both being located here and years later, a forge (metalsmith) used the hammer mill for metal manufacturing.

Until the end of the 19th century the creek Ottersbach propelled a corn mill and during the years of 1811-1812, available documents tell us that the estate consisted of a house, a mill, and the ruins of yet another mill, which had been burned down. We know very little about it.

In the early 20th century farming and a small pub were the leaseholders' main source of income. Some years later, in 1926, this hotel hosted the miners of Sulzbach, who celebrated their patron Saint Barbara in the rooms of the Hammermuehle.

Finally, on 01 April 1938 Angela and Albert Schmid took over the Hammermuehle, maintaining family ownership now for three generations. Since that time Family Schmid has operated the restaurant according to the old and traditional ways of making their guests feel welcome by using a blend of modern accommodations and old-world charm.

In 1956 the front part of our house was torn down and built new. At 11 November 1956 the "Princely Tourist Café" (Fürstliche Ausflugsgaststätte" reopened. Also the guest rooms were completely new and equipped with running cold and warm water - at that time a top modern expression and service.

In 2000 we opened our new built hotel with comfortable rooms. Since that time the room equipment was modernized from time to time to satisfy the requirenments of our guests.